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An Encounter With God Missions was founded in 2012 by Charity Ngugi Wairimu - Latz. It was born out of the need to evangelize and enrich the perishing youths with sound-basic life skills. AEWGM is meant to be an inspirartion tower and a stream of God's love. Since inception we have partnered with several community based organization of similar vision. AEWGM uses art, sports, mentorship and counselling to achieve its objective of spreading Christ-like love and ultimately creating more encounters.

Community Programs

Afro Sanaa

A Community Based Organisation in Mihango within Embakasi, Nairobi Kenya.

DIRA Youth Initiative

Community Based Organisation in Mukuru Slums, Nairobi.

Amka Kaka

A Community Based Organisation in Kawangaware, Nairobi

Creativity Club

A community and christian based forum for young and old, Koln Germany.

The Eye Opener

A Christian Based Magazine.

Team Members


Charity Wairimu Ngugi - Latz


Charity is the founder of An Encounter With God.

Nicholas Barasa


Barasa is the team lead of the AEWGM technical department.

Pride Links

Publishing Partner

Pride Links is a branding business that has been offering AEWGM publishing services, advertisement, web and print solutions

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LOCATION | Utawala, Nairobi - Kenya
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